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job description

Stacy is the CEO of NowCorp, and she’s been looking to address some critical trends with her leadership. In order to appease her investors, she’ll need to make sure growth is steady.

  • Difficult to tell why attrition has been greater than usual.
  • Needs to hire the right person to improve operations at NowCorp.
  • Team insights provide in-depth employee data to reveal problem areas.
  • Robust requisition process helps to hire the perfect candidate.
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job description

Greg is an HR Practitioner at NowCorp. He is looking to take control of common HR and HCM processes. He needs to quickly identify any additional funds needed to process weekly payroll.

  • Takes days to manually adjust each pay run for multiple pay groups.
  • Spends hours looking at printed registers and journals.
  • Payroll Calendar can make global changes with just a click of a button.
  • Payroll Preview offers a detailed view of all critical pay data.
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job description

Emily is looking for a new job and likes what she sees from NowCorp. As she goes through the hiring process, her first few days are a breeze thanks to the personalized onboarding experience.

  • Wants to be sure NowCorp is a cultural fit and easily apply for the position.
  • Would like to quickly adjust to her new role and easily sign up for benefits.
  • Custom-branded career site makes it easy to learn about the company.
  • The Employee Dashboard gives new hires everything they need to get started.
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“Do I have the right team to deliver expectations?”
“How do I present what I need to my CFO?”
“Is this the right place for me?”

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